Tongues of Kali & Miley Cyrus

Tongues of Kali & Miley Cyrus

AstroVisions received some interesting responses from our October 15 blog on the Hindu Goddess KALI, where we showed how the dates of the celebration of Kali (and that of the masculine Hindu Deity KALA) matched astrology’s seasonal transition from Scorpio into Sagittarius. This all came out from our (Oct. 10) article on “Astrological Oddities” where we showed several Sagittarius celebrities “sticking out their tongues”.Now it has come to my attention that my “correlation between Cyrus and Kali” was NOT original!
Evidently, this concept was made in a 2013 video.  There, the male narrator tells us how the “rock goddesses” (Madonna, Britney and Miley) were using rock music to destroy America’s values with “mind control”.   [Gee, haven’t heard that one since the ’70’s!]  He also claims that Cyrus was “involving Kali by sticking out her tongue”– and horror of horrors, it was all orchestrated by the Illuminati!

2015 MTV VMAs Exposed – Miley Cyrus & KALI Symbolism

tongues of Kali & Mylie Cyrus

This video makes ONE correct statement about the meaning of this Goddess: “Kali is the symbol of the end of time, or the time of death”.  But, as I noted previously, She also represents something greater–not only “the death of the year” and the Sun’s entrance into Scorpio–She is also “the destroyer of demons” (negative thoughts).  With her male counterpart Kala, these two Deities bring the wisdom to enlighten the faithful: “There is joy, for Sagittarius tells us that the light will soon rise again”.

This video’s comments are insulting to Hinduism, but worse yet, the video is filled with crazy conspiracies. It claims Miley is helping to debase America by telling the world that the USA is “the Great Satan.”  It also ridicules the Media by noting that Walt Disney was “paid by the military” to create a cartoon to raise money for WW2.  His cartoon “taught the Nazis how to use propaganda”.  Somehow, all of this lead to the Big Media’s takeover of our minds–but that is not explained.

I gleamed these statements by skipping thru random sections in the video. That was all I could bear! Part of this was due to Miley’s antics–but the video maker’s ridiculous commentary was worse! Seriously, don’t waste your time to view it.

The intent of AstroVisions is to show the commonalities in all cultures, and how they interpret their connection with the divine creative process that brings life to this Earth.  It is believed that this concept can be artfully illustrated with the language of astrology.


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