Dance of the seasons

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seasonal dance of Cancer

The Seasonal Dance of Summer lights up our homes—and our hearts!

     When Spring comes to an end and the Sun reaches its’ highest point in the sky, the seasonal dance of Summer begins.

     It was Spring’s burst of dominant light, that awakened the spirit of Aries. This inspired many to pursue a new path of personal discovery. The energies were then turned inward, to sense the delights of the green Earth of Taurus. The season concluded as the mutable forces of Gemini assembled the sensual data into the conceptual arrangements, that would allow all creatures to begin the interaction with their surrounding environment.

     Now, as the Cancer Sun turns, to begin its’ downward movement to the equator—it is time to begin the task of interacting with one’s environment–and find a place of comfort to call one’s home!

Ride the Waves & Currents with a Cancer Friend

   At the Summer Solstice, the Sun enters the sign of Cancer and a new quadrant in the skyas it begins its’ annual descent in the sky. With this waning light, the previous expansive urges of Gemini are countered by the internally-directed forces of Cancer’s cardinal water.  In this universal solvent, one’s desires, sensations and thoughts are merged togetherto form the discerning judgements of one’s feelings. These emotions enable all individuals to relate to the content that they find in their personal surroundings.
   At the high noon of the year, it’s time to find a base of comfort, to protect one’s self from the shifting currents. From this base, many individuals will find the confidence to express the creative visions of Leo. With these desires, they will be inspired to provide the services of Virgoso that they can make our environment a delightful place to play.
   Since your Cancer friends are born in this key month of polar redirection, they often have an extraordinary to feel the movements and rhythms in Nature’s changing seasonsas well as the shifts in the daily tides and the monthly phases of the Moon. (These are the three key light cycles that regulate the biorhythms of life).  So, if you are feeling out of sync, you need to spend more time with one of these sensitive souls. These caring friends can help you ride each wave to its crest, and then return with the receding currents.  It is this lesson in the Seasonal Dance of Cancer that will help you to define the base of comfort, that will inspire you to catch another ascending wave, express your newfound desires and create create the tasks that will make this a better place to live.
   Sadly, there are some crabs who lose this dear sense of belonging. As they become paranoid and insecure, their hands will transform into the pinching craws of a terrified crab To help these individuals heal their fearful emotions, just remind them that they have loving friends and family, who appreciate the nurturing service they have given to others. This comforting feeling is what they need, to move happily with the currents of Nature, once again.
Body language, Cancer

Rulerships Associated with Cancer

   Cancer rules the breasts and the upper torso of the human body. Appropriately, these are the nurturing souls who mother and feed the world. This rulership of this part of the body also affects Cancer’s body language. Watch how the large torso leans forwardand then tilts to the side.  This side-way’s angle sends the crab’s feet paddling to the back, to aim their heavy shells to the front, once again.  This propels the Crab forward, to take another small step down its’ desired path.

   As early observers of human nature watched the liquid expressions of their Cancer friends, they discovered that their daily emotional ups and downs tended to follow the daily lunar tidal changes. They also saw how their emotional makeup changed its’ character every 2 1/2 dayswhen the Moon transited into another Zodiac sign! That is why the Moon was assigned to be the ruler of the Zodiac sign Cancer.
these Children of the Moon (who play in this seasonal dance) have a gift for understanding how these lunar patterns affect the spiritual, mental, physical and emotional states of their friends and family.  Furthermore, this Moon cycle affects all of us.

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summer's seasonal dance, Cancer Sun signs

Celebrities with Cancer Sun Signs

Similar  features and gestures can be seen in most Cancer Sun Signs, however, they are more obvious in those who share a Cancer Sun and a Cancer Moon.  Oddly, other Sun Signs with a Cancer Moon often display the features of the Crabso much, that we often guess them to be Cancer Suns.

Such people tend to display the rhythmic cadence of water, when they project the expressive rays of their Suns and/or reflect the reactive beams of their Moons. Their Sun projections often bring “an outward surge”, while the lunar responses tend to suggest the energies of a receding tide.  With the currents of their turbulent roller coaster rides, we see why some Crabs are so reluctant to leave the places where they feel a sense of comfort.

   Arianna Huffington, Jessica Simpson and Harrison Ford are a trio of celebrities who all share a Cancer Moon and Sun. However, they all have different Rising Signs:

   Huffington has Scorpio rising. Note the fixed brow, the eagle’s beak and how the eyes project an intensity uncommon for typical crabs.  Simpson appears to be the most restless and fiery of this lot. Her Ascendant is Sagittarius!  In contrast, Harrison projects a pleasant and disarming persona. It takes a lot to force him into action. His Rising Sign is Libra.

     Another star who perform the Seasonal Dance of Cancer is Tom Hanks.  However, with  his Leo Moon, his emotional reactions are uniquely different than the others. As he becomes emotional, this actions become fiery, highly theatrical and beaming with confidence. Strangely, many see him as being  the most analytical of this lot.  His Ascendant is Virgo.

Birthdays of Celebrities with a Cancer Sun:
Arianna Huffington July 15, 1950 3:00 p.m., Athens, Greece
Jessica Simpson July 10, 1980 7:00 p.m. Abilene, TX
Harrison Ford July 13, 1942 11:41 a.m., Chicago, IL
Tom Hanks July 9, 1956 11:17 a.m., Concord, CA

Dance of the Seasonal LIghts

As the tides turn, the process continues

Cancer’s emotional connection with the environment has given many people a growing sense of comfort. Soon, Leo’s midsummer glow will an aura of warmth that will boost one’s self confidence, and this will inspire many to present their personal creative visions to an attentive audience.  It may also  inspire others, to perform the needed Virgo services that will make this world a lovely place to play!

On the other side of the year, when the Sun enters Capricorn, the orientation moves from the home to the “world at large”. There, the long range rhythms of time encourage us to pursue the life-long goals, that will help us create the institutions that will support the larger families of our communities and nations.

The midsummer sunlight glows, when the Sun enters Leo
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