Reviews of ``Portraits of Personality``


“For anyone who is looking into exploring astrology in a ‘new’ way, William Schreib has created a great primer (and a comprehensive overview) for comparing the physical attributes of the Sun signs. With his keen eye, Schreib serves every astrologer (as well as any astrological enthusiast) who wishes to start their own journey into astro-facial reading.
Schreib’s new book, along with his first two works in this area (Dance of the Zodiac and Personalities of the Zodiac) are my favorite works for introducing astrologers (and skeptical curiosity seekers) to this fascinating field. This is not some book of regurgitated second-hand knowledge, rather it features Schreib’s personal observations—those relayed in his captured characterizations and archetypal photographs.
For decades, William has held the torch for astrological physiognomy in a creative and fun way—in order to bridge the gap and illustrate this bio-physical connection to the planets. This work will likely resurface as a missing part of the astrological and scientific dialogue in the years to come.”

Russ von Ohlhausen
OPA-Publications Editor / Chair-Astrological Society of Austin

And Another One:

“Portraits of Personality” is a valuable resource guide for teaching and giving lectures on astrology, as it illustrates how the modalities and elements shape the personality through the three most important points in the horoscope: the Ascendant , Sun and the Moon. The use of well known celebrities allows the student of astrology to instantly recognize how all these aspects work together to create the personality.
Wade Hyde
Metropolitan Atlanta Astrological Society