Portraits of Personality


Our latest book, now available!

This collection of over 1,000 Facial Photos show you how the Cycles of Nature define our Sun, Moon and Rising Signs. The images also show how the placement and transits of the planets alter one’s appearance.
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This collection of collages of over 1000 facial photos show how the Cycles of Nature
(and the planets) define the Sun, Moon and Rising Signs of 235 celebrities.
This 300 page book ( 6 inch by 9 inch)  features standard  “perfect binding” and a full color laminated cover.
USA orders from this website are printed on heavier paper to insure sharp images of the facial photos–and they will be autographed by the author!

Outside the USA and Canada,  you can order a copy through your favorite local and virtual bookstore. There, your copy/copies will be printed “on demand”
at Ingram’s closest print location. This will save you a lot on postage,  and the author has no control over their quality.
If you are dissatisfied with the many astrological insights in our book, you
can return the book to store of purchase, and arrange a refund.

USA and Canada orders of Portraits of Personality are also available on Amazon, Ebay and other commercial sites.
All of those listed by “astrovisions” will be
of higher quality and autographed–since they are shipped directly from our office!
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  • U.S. – $5.00
  • Canada – $8.00
  • For other areas – varies ??