Dance of the Zodiac: Rhythms & Patterns of Creation


Dance of the Zodiac
How the Celestial Cycles Shape Your Physical Appearance

Paperback binding. (100 pages in large 8 1/2 inch by 11 inch format)
This 2022 Edition of Dance of the Zodiac (New Substitle: How the Celestial Cycles Shapes Your Physical Appearance
is a revised and expanded edition of the original 2012 version, includes the author’s past decade of insights how the celestial arrangements affect a person’s physiognomy.

This current edition also clarifies Schreib’s unique writings on how “the elemental differences and the universal patterns create all physical form.  This is illustrated in the author’s whimsical illustrations of the  Zodiac signs and in the book’s photocollages of  celebrity faces.
And this book has been called “the best book on the planet for understanding how astrology affects your physical appearance.”  It also gives many insights into how astrology affects the manner of those near and dear to its readers.
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