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300 pages, 6″X9″ format
Retail Price: $20.00
S&H on USA ORDERS ~ $3.00
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Dance of the Zodiac can be ordered from our website or from Book Stores around the world! However, whatever your location, your direct purchase from this website brings a greater return to AstroVisions, to support our future projects.
All USA Orders (purchased from this website and our store on Amazon*) are shipped directly from our office!
All books shipped from our office are printed in bulk (not singularly) by Gray Dog Press in Spokane, WA. This enables our team to personally review each copy and have it autographed by the author–before it is shipped!  Notably, we have found that the image quality and binding of Gray Dog’s work is always excellent!
*Copies of DANCE of the ZODIAC are printed On Demand** on “Lightning Source” presses in the United Kingdom, in Australia–and at their USA facility in Tennessee. Amazon also have several facilities to serve bookstores and their own customers.  They serve us well, to make our work available to people all around the world.
**All ON DEMAND orders are printed and automatically bound “one-at-a-time” to fill an individual order.

Our new book:  Portraits of Personality: How the Rhythms of Nature shape your character and Appearance
Contains over 1,000 images of the faces of 235 personalities.  This book is now out for review to publications
Also IN PRODUCTION:  A German translation of our DANCE OF THE ZODIAC book!