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The Size of God

      Note from William Schreib:   This contribution “The Size of God” covers the evolution of human culture, history and the expanding consciousness of humanity through time.  Adams brilliantly tracts this evolution from the ancient cultures and civilizations, who gave humanity the beginning concepts of religion, as well as those of  science.  Adams then outlines how this scientific understanding expanded our view of a giant Universe, while its’ quantum physics revealed the micro-cosmos within.  This is an awesome look at mankind’s ever expanding view of the size of God– enjoy!

THE SIZE OF GOD by Larry Adams

It’s 14 trillion light years to the edge of the Universe, which began about six trillion years ago with The Big Bang. The first tiny fragment of a second after the blast accounts for most of the universe’s subsequent expansion. The matter that would form galaxies flung itself evenly and uniformly across vast distances before it began to congeal and lose its initial symmetry. Its expansion, though reduced in pace to a paltry 620,000 miles an hour (the speed of light,) continues to the present. read more