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astrovisions blog, The Size of God

AstroVisions Blog from Larry Adams

Astrovisions Blog is honored to present the work of Larry L. Adams.  He has  his own page here to present his insights.

This essay by Larry Adams takes us beyond the horizon of Astrology–to examine the progressive evolution in human consciousness that occurs with mankind’s increasing scientific understanding of our world and the realms of inner and outer space.  This understanding defines our ever expanding vision of  “The Size of God”.

view “THE SIZE OF GOD” here

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AstroVisions Blog from William Schreib

This is William.  I  will not be contributing to this astrovisions blog for some time, since I have much to do:
My 3rd book is in production.
I’m tearing out what hair I have left,  trying to rebuild this website
–and just when I figure out how  social media works, they change the formats.
So, let’s first hear your responses to this  post by Larry Adams.
He is my mentor, who taught me so much about writing and astrology.
He desires your comments–and praise!